It is a campaign for change! We want to change the status quo. We want to change the gun culture in America. We want to be free of gun violence.  We want to appeal to all the other groups and reasonable people of all persuasions, gun owners and non gun owners alike, to join us and get involved in our effort to bring about that change.

We want to empower people and convince them that by doing such a simple thing as tying Yellow Tape across their house, yard, or even just a tree, WE THE PEOPLE can collectively make a huge difference!

YELLOW TAPE PROJECT is a grassroots awareness campaign dedicated to visually demonstrating widespread national support for regulations to prevent gun violence.  We have created a strong visual symbol of citizen concern – yellow tape scrolling Act Now //Stop Gun Violence// - that we believe will influence our lawmakers to take action. We invite everyone to display the desire to stop gun violence.

We support:
• Universal background checks
• Bans on assault weapons and large round magazines
• Ending the freeze on gun violence research
• Restricting domestic violence offenders from gun ownership
• No fly/No buy
• Better coverage for mental health treatment
• Better reporting requirements for mental health professionals

We know the tragedies, we know the statistics, and we know the power of the NRA.  Show OUR collective power and support for all organizations working on this issue by displaying the eye-catching yellow tape in your community.  Take a stand and let people see your desire for putting an end to gun violence!